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Board800 Features

Board800 is an interactive whiteboard application which uses Red5 as the back-end media server, and flash (.swf) as the client front-end. The primary features include
  1. Multi-user shared whiteboard with simultaneous access and drawing capabilities
  2. Add as many pages as you need
  3. Users can work independently on the pages, and all the pages being accessed are visible to all the users connected to that session
  4. Support for Rich Text Editing
  5. External images can be added and entire work can be saved as an image (.png)
  6. Auto detection of connectivity issues and re-synchronization in case of connectivity failures
  7. Save your drawing as a .png file
  8. Basic drag drop support of shapes created. The shapes are in layered format, and can be sent to back, brought to front just by right clicking on them
  9. Option to lock the toolbox items when selected, such as when using the freehand drawing tool
  10. Transparency support for the shapes created, along with color selection for both Rich Text and the shapes created

For use in websites / at organizations

Board800 can be deployed on your own servers and the sessions can easily be controlled at your end.

  1. It is a ready to use whiteboard application, which means Zero integration is required to make it functional
  2. The client end uses a .swf file, so there's no installation required except having the latest Flash client (Adobe Flash version 10 or above). It is completely web based and very responsive
  3. Board800 uses Red5 Media Server for its synchronization
  4. Red5 Media Server is an open source replacement for Flash Media Server, and is platform independent. So, it can be deployed on your Linux or Windows servers without any trouble
  5. The server ports and protocol can be defined as per your requirements (using rtmp://, rtmpt:// or rtmps://)
  6. At the backend it supports MySQL. So you have all your data saved at reliable location which can be easily backed up as well as integrated with your existing infrastructure
  7. Deploying Board800 is very convenient, even for a person who has no prior experience with Flash/Flex based applications and/or Red5 Media Server
  8. Source code licensing is also available in case you wish to modify the code
  9. The users can change the size of the canvas by using wbwidth and wbheight as the parameters to the .swf file. More information available in the Installation document
  10. Each whiteboard session has a "lock" configured. If you wish to lock a particular session so that no more modifications happen on any of the pages of that session, then it's possible and convenient to accomplish
Red5 Media Server

Adobe Flex

Sun Java

Deploy Board800 on your servers

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