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Frequently asked questions

Question : What is the difference between Single domain and Three domains version?
Board800 has two components. Server side component runs on Red5 and client side component runs within a browser and is a flash file (.swf). When the flash file (whiteboard.swf) is loaded, then that swf tries to connect to the Red5 server. The server name is hard-coded into that swf file.

When a Single domain license is mentioned, it signifies: after you purchase Board800, you get an option to specify the server domain name. That server domain is basically your Red5 server's domain name. It will be hard-coded into the swf file, and thus the version that you download would automatically connect to your server only.

A three domain version is just that - you would be able to specify three different servers. This would usually be in an environment wherein there's a requirement of running multiple Red5 servers (and multiple whiteboard instances).

Question : Why isn't there an in-built chat?
Board800 is intended to be a ready-to-use Whiteboard application. Though a chat interface would have been desired, but in an effort to keep it simple and easy to integrate with your existing website/web application, the chat interface has been omitted. We may look at integrating it in a future release.
Question: Why do I have to select pencil tool everytime when I'm trying to do freehand drawing?
There's a "Lock" button in the toolbox. You can just click that and any tool that you select would persist till you unlock it. That way freehand drawing would be simpler.

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